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Success Begins with Preconstruction

At Lynks Developers LLC we understand that time is money. That is why we employ highly skilled preconstruction team members and the most innovative technology. The combination of these two factors improves the speed, efficiency and accuracy of our preconstruction services offering you the “best value”.

Real-time Estimating and Cost Monitoring

Because timing is crucial, we treat real-time information as a priority. Our estimators are immediately capable of performing updates without delaying the decision process. Our software system uses detailed project database applications to integrate important information from every project, so that vital information can be communicated to the design team and clients in hours rather than days.

The use of estimating software allows us to create a dynamic work space where scheduling and estimating can be integrated into BIM models. This combination of information provides highly accurate, real-time earned value reporting.

Our innovative use of technology allows us to:

  • Perform real-time design change management
  • Synchronize between designs in progress
  • Capture and manage design changes generating immediate cost status and estimate updates
  • Communicate immediately with architect and/or owner cost status reports as they happen.
  • Communicate with the project team in a faster more accurate manner
  • Maintain continuous “fly speck” constructability
  • Identify conflicts early in the design process minimizing costly changes in the field
  • Early identification of prefabrication of ductwork, headwalls and electrical, etc. thereby reducing time and costs
  • Integrate experience and expertise with BIM

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